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76 Years of ArtCraft First Day Covers - Business Closing Sale
For 76 years, from 1939 to 2015, The Washington Press manufactured ArtCraft - America's most highly regarded first day cover. If you missed some of those covers when they were first issued, this is your opportunity to fill in the gaps in your collection at prices not seen in many years. Offered on the 10 price lists below are over 2000 ArtCraft first day covers all in fresh unaddressed condition. To place your order, download and print these lists, mark them up to indicate the covers you want, and either mail them to us by USPS mail or scan the completed forms as pdfs (or pngs or jpgs) and e-mail them to washpress@washpress.com.

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Part 1 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 2 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 3 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 4 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 5 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 6 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 7 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 8 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 9 - 76 Years of ArtCraft
Part 10 - 76 Years of ArtCraft

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First Day Cover Framings
These handsome framings make a great gift. Each includes a First Day Cover, a single stamp and a block of four stamps attractively arranged on a complementary-colored matte. The standard framing measures 9 5/8" x 11 1/2". The deluxe double-matted framing measures 12 3/16" x 15 1/8" and features two bevel cut mattes in complementary colors and a gold highlighted frame. All framings include protective glass and are shipped ready to hang.

Choose from the framings below or call our office if you would like to arrange for a custom framing of a cover and stamp combination of your choice.

Express Mail and Priority Mail First Day Covers
Express Mail service was introduced in 1983 and has offered mailers overnight delivery ever since. The special high value stamps issued to pay for Express Mail service are not often seen on First Day Covers. Check this offer for these special high values on Artcraft unaddressed FDCs. In 1968 Priority Mail was first introduced and is a subclass of First-Class Mail. Priority Mail offers 1-3 day service to most domestic destinations.

Legends of Baseball First Day Photos
When the USPS honored baseball's "All Century Team" with the release of the Legends of Baseball stamps, we prepared a series of 8" x 10" photos with the Legends stamps affixed and canceled on the First Day of Issue, July 6, 2000.

Mint Postal Card Booklets
The USPS has issued matching postal cards for a number of recent stamp issues. Because they are not widely distributed, many collectors overlook these attractive items.

Presidential Inaugurations and First Day Covers
If you are interested in American History, take a look at the covers offered here. Included are Inauguration Day Covers, First Day Covers of Presidential memorial stamps, and various other Presidential items.

Black Heritage Series
The United States Postal Service's Black Heritage series officially began in 1978 with the release of the Harriet Tubman stamp. Every year since then the USPS has selected another African American from a wide range of endeavors, including civil rights, politics, music, education, sports, science, business and military service to be honored on a Black Heritage stamp. Also included with this Black Heritage Series collection are other First Day Covers featuring African Americans who have appeared on stamps.

Digital Color Postmark First Day Covers
Artcraft First Day Covers with limited edition digital color first day postmarks.

Lighten Up!
An offering of Artcraft First Day Covers that will bring a smile to your face - Comic Strip Classics, Hirschfeld Comedians and Silent Screen Stars, Warner Brothers Cartoon Characters and more...

Legends of Hollywood Artcraft First Day Cover Series
Starting in 1995, the U.S. Postal Service has issued one stamp each year honoring a "Legend of Hollywood." We have them all on Artcraft First Day Covers, check them out!

Fast-Drying Cancellation Ink
This black ink sold in 1/2 pint bottles is ideal for First Day Cover cancelation. Shipping fees will be added based on exact weight of shipment.

A selection of Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps ("Duck Stamps") in fine to very fine condition. Unless otherwise noted, all used stamps are neatly signed and all mint stamps are never hinged.

Artcraft First Day Covers Celebrate Christmas
The United States Post Office issued it's first Christmas stamp in 1962, and these holiday issues have become eagerly anticipated annual traditions. With cachets which are among the most beautiful, Artcraft has been creating First Day Covers to commemorate the wide variety of festive holiday stamps that are issued each year.

Vintage Artcraft Cachet Envelopes
These Artcraft Cachet Envelopes were prepared for a variety of first days that have since passed. We have bundled an assortment of cachets that contain at least 10 different Artcraft designs which can be used for your correspondence, special cancellations, etc. Bundle price includes shipping. Please note that designs in each bundle vary and are not necessarily those illustrated.

Postal Tributes to September 11, 2001
Collecting stamp related items enables us to keep a record of our country's historic events. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on our nation will never be forgotten nor will the heroic acts of Americans on that day and our country's resolve in the aftermath. This offer contains a small collection of items which pay tribute to the memory of 9/11.

Artcraft Literary Arts Series First Day Covers
The United States Postal Service launched the Literary Arts Series of stamps honoring authors, poets and playwrights in 1979 with the issuance of a 15c John Steinbeck stamp. In 2009, Richard Wright became the 25th writer to be recognized in this prestigious series. This listing includes ArtCraft First Day Covers for all of the Literary Arts stamps.

More Men and Women of Letters Artcraft First Day Covers

Writers in the Great Americans Series Artcraft First Day Covers

Writers in the Distinguished Americans Series Artcraft First Day Covers

Women in Journalism Issue Artcraft First Day Covers

American Journalists Issue Artcraft First Day Covers

Baseball All-Stars Autographs
A selection of autographs of some of our favorite players - past and present. Buy with confidence - all autographs are guaranteed genuine. If not satisfied, return for full refund. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you compare our prices to large sports memorabilia dealers!

ArtCraft Star Wars First Day Cover Collection
In 2007 the United States Postal Service issued 15 beautiful stamps commemorating the 30th anniversary of the movie "Star Wars." A must for any Star Wars fan.

Nature of America Artcraft First Day Covers
From the Wetlands of Southern Florida to Alaska's Arctic Tundra, the Nature of America stamp series showcases the magnificent variety of flora and fauna found in the U.S. Each annual issue highlights a different region. The Artcraft cachets for this series capture the spirit of America's diverse ecosystems with myriad details that perfectly complement the stamps.

Early First Day Cover Gems
First Day Covers from the very early days of our hobby are included here. Many of them were prepared by pioneers such as Edward C. Worden, C. E. Nickles, and Harry Citret. Most of these FDCs actually passed through the mail and include a variety of postal markings, but as is typical of the era, few of them have cachets. We hope you enjoy this selection of Early First Day Cover Gems!

ArtCraft Transportation Coil Series First Day Covers
The Transportation Series of coil stamps was undoubtedly one of the most popular series of United States postage stamps ever. Starting with the 18c Surrey stamp which was issued May 18, 1981 and ending 14 years later with the 20c Cog Railway of June 9, 1995, this was also one of the longest running series. the final count includes fifty-one different modes of transportation from the usual planes, trains and automobiles to the unusual dog sled, tandem bicycle and seaplane.

Chinese New Year First Day Covers
The United States Postal Service issued a Chinese New Year stamp on December 30, 1992 to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster. The stamps proved to be so popular that the series has continued with new stamps being issued for every New Year since that first release. Collect the entire series on festive ArtCraft cacheted First Day Covers!

American Patriots Postal Card Collection
During the years leading up to our nation's Bicentennial, The USPS celebrated the people who helped to forge our independence on numnerous stamps, souvenir sheets and postal stationery items. This series of twelve postal cards/reply cards were issued over a fifteen year period - 1971 to 1985 and feature twelve different Revolutionary era patriots.

John F. Kennedy Philatelic Mementos
John F. Kennedy was the youngest man ever elected President of the United States. When he famously spoke the lines "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" during his Inaugural Address on January 20th of 1961, JFK was not yet 44 years old. Tragically, his life ended less than three years later when he was assassinated on November 22, 1963.
This is a small collection of philatelic mementos of President Kennedy.

Original Engraving Plates for Artcraft Cachets and First Day Covers
From 1939 until 2002, the Woodbury Company, in Worcester, Massachusetts, produced Artcraft engraved cachets for the Washington Press by a process of intaglio engraving. For six decades they created superb designs for our cachets composed of powerful images and complementary type, and engraved these onto copper plates using proprietary photographic technique. The plates were then coated with a bright layer of chromium to extend the useful life of the plate five or tenfold.

In most cases there is only one plate that was used by the Washington Press for its ArtCraft cachet. In some cases there are one or more additional plates with similar design that were created for a private customer. Almost all consist of a single plate for each cachet design.

For the first time, we are offering these plates for sale directly to our customers. Listed here are a few of the large number of plates that are currently available. If you have an interest in any of these, we suggest you place your order immediately, as we will sell these to the customer whose order is first received. Where we have it available, we will include a cover or cachet printed from that plate at no extra charge. There is no shipping charge for any number of plates. If you have an interest in an issue that you do not see listed here, contact us by e-mail at washpress@washpress.com or by phone toll-free at 877-966-0001, and we will advise if it is still available.

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